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Words trigger thoughts.

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Life after death

What happens when life ends here? Do a person cease to exist? Or do they transform to another creature or thing? Everyone needs to answer this for themselves before meeting with death. To state it plain, there is a life after death. It would not be a transformed life dislodged from the life one lived […]


Words spurt out expression. In fact it brought about the creation, ‘God spoke and it came into being’. The same word was with God. Bringing a whole new dimension to the word. Christ is related to the spoken word, meaning one can lean on it; for what he said will remain so forever. It’s the […]

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Jesus Christ was not a phenomenon that happened on earth. He was not a movement came to stir a few, he was not one among the prophets, or one among the gods. He was not a mere man who lived and died. For he is still alive today. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, […]